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Flexible solar finance solutions for commercial clients.

Finance your solar project with us, pay nothing upfront & get guaranteed monthly savings on your electricity bill.

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Get cheaper, cleaner power with no upfront costs.

Guaranteed savings when financing your solar project with us.

Don’t pay a cent upfront for your solar system – we cover the full installation cost, insurance and maintenance. Your repayments are guaranteed to be less than your current utility bill. From the moment your solar system goes live, you start saving.


Upfront Investment


Monthly Savings


Maintenance Costs



Don’t let a high electricity bill limit your company’s growth.

Tailored solar power financing solutions.

Pay it off monthly.

Solar Lease

If you want to eventually own your solar power system, this rental agreement option is for you.


Zero upfront investment


Fixed monthly fee


Term between 3-10 years

Pay as you use.

Power Purchase Agreements

If you don’t want to pay for the system, but only for the electricity you use, then this is for you.


Zero upfront investment


Pay fixed rate per kWh


Term between 15-20 years

Lease us your roof.

Roof Rental

You lease us your roof. We farm solar energy and sell it to other parties.


Enhance your property value


Fixed monthly rental


Term 10+ years

Full Installation

We will install a fully integrated photovoltaic solar system.


We will maintain and operate the solar system entirely.

Monthly Savings

From the moment your system is installed, you start saving.

Increased Value

Increases the value of the building or land.

See if you qualify for funding.

Minimum funding requirments.

Client Type

Commercial, light industrial, school or sectional title.

Project Size

Minimum 60 kWp.


Panels: tier 1, Inverters (Huawei or SolarEdge preferred)


Area must be optimal for solar power generation.

Are you a Solar Installation Company?

We help Solar Installers grow their business.

We help you sell more solar projects by offering your clients flexible solar financing solutions. Allowing you to focus more on installations and less on sales. Partner with us if you want to grow your business. 

Nesa Investment Holdings provides innovative funding solutions for small scale (up to 3 megawatts per site) commercial solar systems to the South African renewable energy sector.


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