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Make money & save the planet by investing in renewable energy.

Invest in a Section 12J venture capital company that will give you a 45% tax benefit and consistent dividend yields of up to 10% per annum.

Download our Investor Proposal below.

Tax Benefit

45% of investment.

Regular Dividends

Semi-annual basis.

Dividend Yield

8 – 10% per annum.


70% of investment.

With great responsibility, comes great returns!

Invest in the booming renewable energy sector.

Though the government-endorsed section 12J initiative, we offer South Africans an opportunity to invest in the future of our energy sector.

S12J investors enjoy an initial tax relief of up to 45% (individuals/trusts) and 28% (companies), which when added to the underlying investment performance, enhances the overall returns for the investor.

Our market research, as well as global trends, shows that a huge portion of energy generation and grid services in the future will come from the customer’s side of the meter.

Let us generate clean electricity & dividends.

Renewable energy is your best bet.

Future of Energy

Coal power is dying & the renewable energy sector is worth R5 – 8billion.


Declining tech costs allowing consumers to become producers of power.

Global Trends

Countries are moving away from large power stations to small, localised systems.

Predictable ROI

Investing in the renewable energy sector yields consistent returns.


Here’s what to expect when investing with us.


Minimum R1million required to invest.

Target returns

19-20% with S12J incentive


8 – 10% expected, paid bi-annualy


2% AUM & 20% of profits over the original investment capital

Nesa Investment Holdings provides innovative funding solutions for small scale (up to 3 megawatts per site) commercial solar systems to the South African renewable energy sector.


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